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A few days ago, I received a query from a customer who was looking for aluminum cosmetic tubes. During our conversation, she constantly asked me if the cosmetic tubes are fully recyclable as their company is a plastic free company which offers a recycling program for their customers.

Though this is not the first time I got to know that people in the beauty industry are now starting to think about sustainable packaging which is absolute a great signal for our environment, this time she just brought me to think more closely about sustainable packaging. As a cosmetic packaging supplier, I suddenly felt so related to this problem.

From the personal experience in packaging industry, plastic packaging now apparently share a great market of cosmetic packaging. Only for cosmetic tubes, the majority tubes for cosmetic packaging are made of PE or PE-AL material, not to mention about tooth paste tubes.

After a bit of researches, I figured out it’s really hard to say if the packaging material is fully recyclable or not. Theoretically, the material which are used to make cosmetic packaging are recyclable themselves, however, practically recycling really depends on a lot factors.

For instance, the local recycling system around the world is quite different. Some material which is recyclable in a country might not be recyclable in another country. Besides, it will be more challenged to recycle if a packaging product comprises of mixed types of material, such as PE-AL-PE tubes for cosmetic tubes and toothpaste tubes.

Obviously, there are a lot more to consider while we are manufacturing the cosmetic packaging products, and the way we litter them. There is a long way for manufacturers, suppliers and consumers to achieve the goal of having fully recyclable cosmetic packaging products. Yet, it’s a great sign that some brand owners started to look for more sustainable packaging resources. Everyone in this world literally has the responsibility to pursue this goal, not only the people in this industry. What I believe, a little effort paid by every person like you, would make a bit of progress every day, which makes the world cleaner.

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