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How to Choose Fragrance Packaging


Fragrance packaging shares a big portion of cosmetic packaging industry. Fragrance packaging in cosmetic packaging industry mainly includes perfume packaging and aromatherapy packaging. As there are so many varieties for fragrance packaging in case of designs and styles, it’s easier to discuss in material wise.

While talking about perfume packaging, I believe the first idea comes to our mind is perfume bottles. In fact, the demand of perfume bottles is always high. We can see from online data, the search traffic for perfume bottles is noticeable. At the same time, glass perfume bottles have the similar amount of search volume. That actually matches with the market practice for perfume bottles. Almost all the leading perfume brands in the world use glass perfume bottles the most. Although plastic/acrylic bottles play a significant role here, glass is more preferred for its crystal and elegant appearance.

You might think how you would choose among all the glass bottles or glass packaging, and how to cooperate with the related suppliers. Actually, it’s easy to determine if you consider the following factors.

Raw material- it’s a bit complicated if talking about the chemical composition of glass material. Simply, in general there are 3 grade glass raw materials, divided into 2 parts, reclaimed and brand new. Bottles which contain more reclaimed raw materials are less bright, that you can understand easily while comparing with bottles made of brand new materials. Likewise, there are also differences among bottles made of brand new materials as material ratios are different. However, it’s not always easy to identify while we putting them together, as the brightness level would be quite same but the ones which consist of quartzite and silica have more reflection and higher density than the ones mainly made of less impurities quartz sand. As a result, prices really vary among the materials.

Weight- weight is the main factor of price and production lead time. As the production process of glass containers, one production line could only make a single weight bottles. Thus, if you require an uncommon weight bottle, factories could only make your order in a specific time period instead of making your order with other orders which require same weight, which may increase extra cost and lead time.

There are many more factors which determine price and production time for glass perfume bottles/ containers. But above 2 factors are the main ones. For more questions of glass perfume bottles, please contact our sales executive. We also got a big collection of glass perfume bottles for different market, just contact us for catalog!

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