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Wholesale Plastic Containers with Lids


Niumi Packaging provides custom plastic containers with or without lids at wholesale price, with less minimum orders. Mostly we provide free samples when with our currents molds, and we got a big collection of them.

The plastic containers are widely used in cosmetic packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. There are also various types of plastic materials that our packaging products are made out of, such as PP (polypropylene), PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) etc. every material has its own characteristics and suitable for different packaging products.

Suppose PP has low density that results in its lightest weight among all the plastic materials. It is non-toxic, and most of the time it doesn’t react to any chemicals. You can easily differentiate PP from PET or PETG, as it’s not transparent. PET and PETG are similar in names yet one letter difference truly set them apart for their different chemical properties and usages. PET is more heat tolerable, it has good performance in up to 120 degrees Celsius for using in long term. Compared to PP, it’s also more durable and abrasion proof. PETG, added glycol in PET, made it more flexible, more transparent, and more environmental friendly while production. We can make more shape variations with PETG as it has greater viscosity and flexibility. The packaging made of PETG is softer and pliable, as well as easy to grip.

If we go into shopping malls, we’ll find most of the cream, hair products are put in the PP containers while the moisturing toners and other liquid cosmetic products are accommodated in PET containers. PETG material is less used compared to the previous two plastics as it’s more expensive. However, the high end cosmetic products might use it in pursuit of making unique shapes and glitterier look.

It’s normal for customers to be confused about which plastic material is most suitable for your cosmetic packaging or pharmaceutical packaging. If you are the one and if you are looking for wholesale plastic containers with or without lids, please don’t hesitate to contact us for sample, it’ll always be better to see, test and compare the physical container on your own. Niumi Packaging, your 24/7 packaging consultant.

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