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How to Choose Caps and Closures for Cosmetic Packaging?


Speaking about cosmetic packaging, caps and closures are one necessity that we could never leave out. Most of the time a well-chosen closure determines not only the appearance of the cosmetic packaging, but more importantly, it preserves the integrity of the product.

I can’t really say how many types of caps and closures are there, as closures are customizable. However, it might be easier for us to divide the closure category by material. Normally for cosmetic packaging, plastic material comes to be the first and most common material for closures, especially those made of PP (polypropylene), are comparatively affordable and safer to use considering the cosmetic product formula might react to other materials.

The second popular material is metal. Each material creates different accents to the cosmetic packaging. Metal caps and closures look more polished and luxury if compared to the plastic ones and aluminium ones are most bought caps and closures. Here we have listed some advantages of Aluminium caps.

Brighter- you can change the cap shapes according to your design and different shapes will have various reflection effect of the glass bottles.

More graphic designs applicable- as per the characteristics of aluminium material, you can make graphic designs by screen printing, hot stamping, and embossing etc. it will less likely overlaps the appearance of other caps and closures.

Recyclable- like other metals, caps and closure made of aluminium are capable of recycling.

Lower cost- Mass production compared to plastic caps, which results in lower cost of the caps

Higher requirement for processing technique- the process of making a polished aluminium cap can be very complicated; the imperfection on each step may result in higher production cost.

How to Choose Closures for Cosmetic Packaging? Most of the time, as a brand owner should take design complexity, material, cost and quality into account. While looking for suppliers or manufacturers for caps and closures, these are also the main factors to start with.

We Niumi Packaging as an experienced supplier of all kinds of caps and closures, will be able to find above 95% of the caps and closures which customers need. Please don’t feel hesitate to contact us if you have any needs for caps and closures mainly for cosmetic packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

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