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Reasons of Choosing Niumi Packaging Rather Than Other Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers

When you're thinking of sourcing any products abroad, or especially in China, here are some concerns that may come to your mind, or you have already fallen under the situations of following.
1. Language& cultural barrier- The fact that nowadays more people learnt English, and it should be easier to communicate than before. To some extent, it did improve a lot. However, in business perspective, there are still lack of professionals whom understand the business nature and also speak fluent English.
Speaking of cultural barrier, it's really necessary to learn about customers cultural background before talking about any business as it may generate descrepancies later which absolutely could be aviod if you understand each other. However, most of the people didn't realize or treat it seriously. We believe you would like to deal with the suppliers which actually understand your needs better without explaining too much.
With the all time wish to serve our customers better, and considering the above points. Niumi Packaging has all the sales members with excellent language skills, and we train our whole team to always stand in the customer's point of view, to learn more about the customer's culture. We believe these are the basic rules we need to follow in pursuit of delivering excellent service to all of our customers.
2. Large variation of cosmetic packaging designs- Manufacturers normally only have certain type of products in cosmetic packaging industry, and not all of them have so many designs for that certain type. Niumi Pacakaging has a large collection of different cosmetic packaging products like aluminium caps, bottles& jars, pumps& sprayers etc. You'll find the most suitable packagings here for sure.
3. Competitive price- Due to the complexity nature of cosmetic packaging products, without the complete knowledge of all types of packaging products and strong link with factories, it seems not possible to get a competitive price. Niumi Packaging is located in the biggest cosmetic packaging industrial hub of China, and with its strong link with manufacturers all over China, price will not be an issue at all.
4. Stable lead time- Niumi Packaging only works with manufacturers that fully comply with environmental rules& regulations, and will take every possible factor that may delay the lead time into account in advance.
5. Responsive sales- It's gonna be a big headache if the sales always reply late. Our sales not only reply messeges right away, but also report our customers of any updates. You will have a real time idea of the production process, and never worry about the communication lag.

In fact, many other factors need to be paid attention to while it comes to a real case, we may spend more time to discuss about it later. In other words, Niumi Packaging will be there and expecting to meet you in the future and solve your problems.
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