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PRODUCT NAME:Aluminium Cap 02
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Aluminium caps, as one of the most used caps for cosmetic& pharmaceutical packaging, are designed in many ways on the basis of shapes, sizes and decorations.

Aluminium caps are more hygienic, because it’s non-toxic and would not get rust. Moreover. aluminium caps have advantage of anti-shock, heat insulation, moisture-proof and chemical corrosion.

Aluminium caps are more malleable, which customers could make more pattern designs with color printing, embossing, word milling etc.

Aluminium-plastic caps are also widely used, the mixture with plastic enables aluminium caps to be applied in even more situations.

Anodized aluminium caps are a lot more shiny but requires higher techniques as well as higher standard of effluent treatment in order to avoid environmental pollution. As a result, the price for anodized aluminium caps are normally higher than other aluminium caps.

For more information of customized aluminium caps, please contact our professional sales executives, they will give you the most accurate suggestion for your custom packaging solution.

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