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Purposes of Cosmetic Packaging


Cosmetics is a general term that applies to all preparations and elements for external use to condition and beautifies the body, cleaning, coloring, softening or protecting the skin, hair, nails, lips or eyes.

The use of cosmetics and perfumes is not limited to women, as might be assumed. The preparations used by men include powders, colognes, lotions (especially those containing alcohol for application after shaving), hair tonics, with a quinine or alcohol base, and deodorants.

The packaging of cosmetic products plays an important role. It is, in general, the most economical way for optimal cosmetic packaging for retail, personal care product packaging to display at points of sale and to generate kits for different products, such as free gifts for Purchase in cosmetics stores or skincare products.

Purposes of cosmetic packaging:

Within the wide variety of materials that can be used to package creams and makeup, plastic containers for cosmetics are the most used.

Among the variety of plastics used is PP, PET or PVC.

These materials are recommended to be in contact with this type of product. These are some of the purposes of cosmetic packaging:

Cosmetic Packaging


Packaging for beauty products has an appearance and finishes similar to that of glass with a lower weight and contribution of material, which helps to save on transport, costs, and resistance to shocks by end customers.


The quality of adapting and achieving, easily, different formats and finishes, of plastic, makes this type of packaging for cosmetics.

Economic Plastic containers for plastic cosmetics have a highly automated manufacturing process with little need for material that adjusts costs.


These cosmetic containers can be reused and/or, after a crushing process, they can also be recycled.


The packaging container for cosmetics prevents contact of external agents with the product, so they are extremely hygienic containers.


The plastic material of the cosmetic containers does not break easily avoiding possible damage to the users of the product.

Niumi Packaging – A leading packaging supplier:

At Niumi Packaging, we offer flexible machine solutions and specialized polyethylene bag materials to improve the productivity of your packaging and save money.

Cosmetic Packaging

We collaborate with our customers in the market for beauty and health care products that make their products reach the hands of their customers worldwide. Surely our experience will also be useful for you.

Whether you need plain packaging for orders for distribution and retail centers or attractive packaging for the end consumer that makes your product stand out, our broad line of packaging systems and materials can help you achieve your goals.

Some of the personal care products currently packaged by our clients are:

- Foam rubber pads, powder pads, makeup brushes, and other beauty products

- Lotions, soaps and other skincare products

- Cosmetics and hair accessories

- Gifts free of charge for purchases in cosmetic stores

- Packages of articles for beauty and health care

For the execution of orders through electronic commerce, nothing can match the advantages offered by our selection of packaging systems, protective packaging, and packaging materials in bags for mailings.

Get in touch with us and we partner with you to solve your packaging problems and update ourselves to meet the changing demands of our customers.

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