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Insights for Choosing Custom or Stock Daily Cosmetic Packaging


Previously, we have discussed about “cosmetic packaging with no minimum order” as we found that many people just want to try stock cosmetic packaging rather than custom cosmetic packaging at the initial stage with their product. Several reasons are there like they are not sure about the market demand for their new released products, stock packaging are ready to use that they don’t have to worry about the longer lead time as they might miss the deadline etc. Costs for custom cosmetic packaging are normally much higher than the stock cosmetic packaging especially when there’s no existing mold. Developing molds for certain packaging products can take extremely long time, not only because of the developing process itself, but also due to the dissatisfaction of the samples which leads to the long modification period.

Nowadays, there are a lot of emerging indie cosmetic brands in the market due to increasing online selling and social media influencers. Most likely they have to choose the stock cosmetic packaging in the early years as they don’t have such big volume to meet the required quantity for custom cosmetic packaging. However, they would prefer to have a custom feeling to differentiate their branded products from other brands. The easiest way seems to overcome with the quantity challenge at the same time keeps the custom feeling is to choose from the existing molds from the cosmetic packaging suppliers and custom your own process based on the conventional colors which your suppliers usually make by applying hot stamping, metallization, digital printing and heat transfer labels etc. Apart from this, there are no lack of brands simply find the existing cosmetic packaging they like and put a sticker label on with their own logo.

It looks very simple to make your custom cosmetic packaging from stock packaging. However, the quality control is complicated issue with stock packaging. You probably will find a lot of prices for the same packaging especially when the packaging is common in the market. Sometimes the price varies because of different production cost from different factories, sometimes price varies because of the quality difference, or maybe just because of the different supply chain. It can be very costly and time consuming if you request samples from different supplier and test them one by one.

There are both drawbacks and advantages by purchasing custom, semi-custom or stock cosmetic packaging. Brand owners need to try and find out their most comfortable way to purchase packaging. Finding a procurement expertise can be a good option to avoid all the hassles. Or just find a professional packaging supplier could also solve your problems to some extent.

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