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As we know, in business, supply chain consists of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources in order to move products or services from supplier to customer. The risk control of the supply chain can be very challenging for international business, as you never know how many compaznies are involved in your supply end unless you have an office there to manage all the activities and organizations. However, it’s not an option for most of the buyers because it will highly raise the operational cost.

As a cosmetic packaging supplier, we are also a part of the supply chain for making a finished cosmetic product. We clearly understand the risks a buyer may face during the trading process, and not all the buyers are aware each time.

1. The trap of low cost. Well this is a wide topic; after all there are a lot of places to make an issue, yet buyers wouldn’t be aware. Nowadays, because of the information transparency, buyers could easily compare the prices among suppliers in order to get a lowest price. This is understandable because everyone wants to maximize the profit. However, if buyers blindly pursuing the low cost and squeeze on the supplier’s profit, firstly the quality of the mass production may not be same as the sample, secondly there might be other invisible costs after production. Moreover, because of the complexity of packaging product, communication cost also needs to take into account, misleading at any part will consume more time.

2. Problem solving during the trading process. Problem during the production is unavoidable, even during the sampling process, there might cause a tons of problems. For instance, cosmetic companies need to test the packaging to see if it’s air tight or if it’s fully adapt with the chemical components. Sometimes sampling takes 2-3 times or more, if buyers don’t place order of a good amount, suppliers wouldn’t be cooperative enough. After the production, if there is no third party to do a full inspection, buyers can hardly assure the quality. Even it will be very hard for buyers to issue a claim. Changing suppliers all the time is neither a wise idea.

Above all, what’s the best way for both buyers and suppliers to reach a win-win situation? To think and act like a business partner but not only a buyer/supplier. Only if we understand each other’s business condition better, we will be able to support each other to the most extent, and we will always have the motivation to solve any kind of issues at every stage. Although building a long term business relationship is not an easy task, it requires both parties to be matched at each aspect. However, it is obviously worth trying.

Being a business partner but not solely a supplier, we Niumi Packaging has always been requesting our people to play such a role while doing each and every task. We clearly understand that our core value is not only providing the low price product or great service, more importantly, we need to control the risk for our customer’s business and help our customers to make their business bigger and stronger. Once again, let us be your business partner but not only your supplier.

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