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Benefits of Good Looking & Functional Essential Oil Bottles


Essential oil, normally are extracted from plants, was firstly occurred in the period of 3000-2500 B.C. The earliest usage evidence was from Egyptians that they extracted and mixed 16 ingredients that could be used as incense, perfume or medicine for beauty care, spiritual and physical well-being. It’s difficult to define from when essential oils became known as an effective healing substance, however, eventually the words have been spread around the world.

The uses of essential oils have been found in different cultures and the using method of essential oils really varies among the countries. Not only for healing different sickness, but also used for religious purposes. From then, a big supply chain of botanical essential oil gradually formed. Now as we can see, there are enormous botanical raw material suppliers and distillatory around the globe. Some of them have their own essential oil or aromatherapy brands, and a big portion of essential oil brands are founded by the aromatherapy specialists who are passionate about developing new essential oil blends for different healings.

We usually see a lot of people asking where to buy the pure essential oils or essential oil blends. Honestly, that’s really difficult to choose the essential oil that suits you most among all the brands until you test them one by one. Or maybe hear the recommendations from aromatherapy specialist could be a good option.

For brand owners, how to set your brand aside and attract customers? Choosing good looking and functional essential oil bottles and packaging is really necessary. Just like fall in love at the first sight, a good matching of bottles and closures along with finishes which fit your overall brand concept will really let your customers fall in love with your products at the first sight.

Amber essential oil glass bottle with aluminum finish closure is most used in the market, even the biggest brands. However, the shape of essential oil glass bottle can be different and made into different level of thickness. Another attraction point is the color of closure and dropper. Amber glass bottle with gold/silver/bamboo texture etc. each of the color matching delivers totally different feelings of the packaging. The shape of the closure is another point to consider.

According to the growing demand of essential oil market, as well as the inquiries we received from our customers. We have collected the whole set of essential oil bottles and are trying to develop more attractive options of essential oil bottles for our customers to select from.

For the common styles, you can order a minimum quantity from us as we got stock. If you are a bulk buyer with your own designs, please forward your needs and our expertise will cooperate with you to get your desired essential oil bottles with the least price and leading time.

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