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How to Choose Essential Oil Bottles


The demand for essential oils is increasing day by day due to the higher awareness of the benefits essential oils bring and the increasing pursuit for a healthier lifestyle. The essential oils, which are extracted from plants or rinds of fruits, normally are created through the process of distillation. No matter homemade essential oils or mass produced essential oils, all the essential oils have to be stored properly into containers as they are light sensitive and the quality will degrade by the time passing, unlike the wines.

There are a few popular options when it comes to essential oil packaging. First of all, glass is the most used material for essential oil bottles, as essential oils are sensitive to a lot of factors like light, heat, moisture, and oxygen etc. all of the factors will reduce the lifetime for essential oils. Then it comes to the color selection. Amber, green and cobalt are mostly used as it could effectively reduce the light and ensure the quality of the essential oils. Niumi Packaging has all the colors of bottles, please feel free to send inquires to us.

Talking about the shape, if you are looking for easiest solution, Boston round glass bottles with 18mm neck size is the best choice. As you need to match your bottles with the caps, dispensers or droppers, different neck size will cause difficulties to source. As 18mm is the most common size, you can literally find the caps, dispensers or droppers everywhere.

Caps have a whole lot of options, whether it’s made of plastic, aluminum or with metal plated finishes, all will give you different tastes for your essential oil product. You also need to keep an orifice reducer to use along with the caps to control the essential oil flow amount. Dropper is also preferable as glass bottle is not squeezable and dropper is a good substitute. It’s also more user-friendly and cleaner as you don’t have to touch the oils with your hand or skin.

For oils of different usages, roll-on bottles and aromatherapy bottles are also there for you to choose from. Really depends on how you target your market and consumers. For more information, please don’t be hesitate to contact us. Niumi Packaging offers all kinds of essential oil bottles and we are your best partner to attract your customers with our packaging design varieties.

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