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A Useful Guide of Choosing Wholesale Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers


Everyone knows to go to different cosmetic packaging suppliers when they are in need of cosmetic packaging products. However, finding out the right suppliers for them is surely not an easy task. It will be very time& money consuming.

What to source, where to source and how to source cosmetic packaging for your products are the questions to overcome with. Today I’m going to discuss one by one.

What to source? If you got designers in your team, this is not a big issue for you. Drawing the scratches will be good enough to show the suppliers what you need. However, if you only have an idea in your mind, the best way is to find a sample design that is already selling well in the market, then try to sort out the suppliers. As one single supplier doesn’t have packaging products of all kind, almost all the cosmetic packaging suppliers have their own focus, which means that every supplier has the categories they are good at. Due to the wide varieties and complexity of cosmetic packaging products, suppliers of daily cosmetic packaging products and make up cosmetic packaging products are totally different. Meaning you will find them in different regions. So you should first understand which cosmetic packaging you are looking for by identifying its material and usage.

Where to source? After identifying the supplier category, you need to know where to source the cosmetic packaging from. Whether you can find domestically or necessary to import? Apparently, with a lower amount of demand, it’s better if you can find your desired packaging products in local market, because you won’t have to deal with the complex procedure of importing and the cost will be high for importing as well. However, if you truly need customized cosmetic packaging and need a big amount, probably importing would be a better option for you. In this case, you can find target suppliers in different online B2B platforms or just search on Google. Nowadays, social media can also be a good source.

There are certain pros and cons for each online ways. For instance, most of the manufacturers usually don’t rank high on Google; B2B platforms suppliers may receives tons of queries everyday and couldn’t reply your email too soon; or you may not find suppliers on social media very professional. I have to say, finding a cosmetic packaging supplier who is very cooperative and professional sometimes really depends on luck. But don’t worry, just spend some time sending queries and chat with suppliers who have good presence that you love, after certain period of time, you’ll figure out which ones fit you most.

Going to exhibitions is another way, it maybe not the best way to find the suppliers but you can certainly get more ideas about cosmetic packaging industry, like your suppliers are mostly in which region and what’s their quality difference. Firstly you have to understand which exhibitions to go to first.

How to source? Now you already have several suppliers in hand, how to process with suppliers and ultimately get your desired cosmetic packaging products needs to be discussed further. I would say all the suppliers in this industry prefer to see the real samples than a picture or design drawing, as a slight difference may lead to an unpleasant result. For example, anodized aluminum caps may have slight color difference in each batch, without seeing the real sample, there’s a high possibility that the sample provided by supplier won’t match with the real sample, and this is only a very small aspect, and there are a whole lot more to cross check. Thus, in order to save your valuable time, it’s better to send a sample in advance.

If you don’t feel to send samples to everyone as it may cost a lot. You could also ask for samples from different suppliers. Normally suppliers provide free samples, you only to need to pay for the delivery cost. During the process, you get to figure out which supplier is more responsive. Samples won’t be all the same, due to the process difference and price difference, quality will vary. So you have to compare and get the one which is the closest to your requirement. If the price is acceptable, you can then move to the next step. Here you should note that there are different kinds of prices whether shipping fee, tax and other fares are included or not. If you are not so familiar with the price structure involved in importing, you have to confirm with your suppliers.

Regarding “how to source”, there is a lot more to discuss. A reliable supplier who is very cooperative and professional could save you from a lot of struggles and traps.

Speaking all above, as a wholesale supplier that focuses on daily cosmetic packaging products, we are always on our way to improve ourselves. Offering higher quality primary packaging products, train our functional team properly, work with the most experienced logistic teams etc. We fully understand that taking orders from customers is just the start, making each and every step right is the only way to reach the best result, which is to never let our customers down. If you need a reliable supplier for daily cosmetic packaging products, don’t be hesitated to knock us.

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