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No matter what type of cosmetic/beauty products or even pharmaceutical products you sell, you need an individual distinct packaging for each of them. To differentiate your brands from others, packaging is the first and most visualized item that customers would see and relate to your brand. In other words, your packaging will represent your brand directly, your packaging will tell your customers how your brand is. As a result, by our 20-year concentration in packaging industry, we provide you with one-stop service to customize your own packagings with your desired colors, materials, finishes and printings.

Surface treatment is extremely important to make an attractive packaging, and UV coating is a great way. There are more options for your packaging designs if you are using UV coating. Compared to other coatings, UV coating is more pronounced and effective.
Here is a list of advantages of UV coating:
- enables plastic to look metallic, lead to more high-end feeling.
- either matte or glossy, the colors will look richer and more vibrant, and the "soft touch" makes the finish more elegant.
- more durable, UV coating protects surfaces from scuffing and chemical abrasion.
- more options in textures, glitters and scents.

Silk screen printing the most popular and one of the oldest printing techniques, whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. The basic printing process is the forcing of ink through a stencil onto paper with a squeegee. This is called "pulling", each color must be printed in the same place and in the same order for each print to resemble the original.
This process enables us to put our disired color(design) onto the packagings, and give our packaging a premium look.

Benefits of silk screen printing:
- High quality-price ratio for large quantity
- More durable than other method
- Better color reproduction
- Perfect for bold designs up to 4 spot colors(logos, phrases and simple graphic designs).

Hot stamping is to apply the predried ink or colored foils on the surface of plastic products under high temperatures, which makes the components/products look much more luxurious.

For the packagings like cosmetic bottles and jars, this method is widely used.

This is used for any aluminium parts, which is a twice oxidation process. When you see the colored words on any aluminium bottles, it's the most probable method that had been used. The first step is to oxidize the desired color for the surface, then oxidize the second time for the color of the wanted component on the surface. This requires a higher standard of technique, which will result in the elegant appearance of the packagings.

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